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The rare sincere voice of the unknown neighbour of Kiprich

Jelte Wiersma says goodbye to a Brussels spokesperson who comes from the wrong country, career-wise

Márton Hajdú (36) was the spokesperson of Hungary's Permanent Representation to the European Union. Despite the low ranking of his country, his good-bye party was attended by the most influential Brussels jounralists.
Such as Peter Spiegel (54) from the Financial Times. "After the Greeks, Marton had the hardest task. But he never lied or spun." said Spiegel at the reception organized at the Embassy.

Hajdu became spokesperson in 2010 because Hungary took the rotating presidency of the EU from 2011. "It was a rough ride" he says. For it was in the same year that Viktor Orban became Prime Minister, who often caused disturbance in Brussels. And explaining that was Marton's task. Says Peter Gyorkos, the Hungarian ambassador: "He absolved this without accidents."

Hajdu grew up in the town of Tatabanya. Until 1989 he was neighbours with the soccer player Jozsef Kiprich . He then moved to play at Feyenoord in the Nethelrands and earned the moniker "Wizard from Tatabanya". Hajdu: "As children we'd often played with the headlight wipers of his Lada."


American volunteers who taught in Hungary expanded Hajdu's world:  'I learned from them a differetn way of thinking." Hajdú was then also a good discussion partner for those Americans who wanted to understand Eastern-Europe. He learned about Western Europeans as a student in Breda (NL).
He would have liked to continue as a spokesperson and applied to be one at the European Commission, but was rejected. 'Of course it has nothing to do with my country,' he says with an ironic smile.
Orbán's bad reputation has consequences in Brussels for his compatriots. Hajdú will now become again an official at the Competition Department (of the Commission), where he worked before, until 2010. There he cannot speak publicly. Brussels loses a sincere voice.

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